RIM could have over 100k BB 10 apps on their store at launch

Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10Two days since RIM started approving Blackberry 10 apps, they are reporting that they already got 15,000 apps submitted. In the first 38 hours, RIM was getting an average of 394 app submissions per hour. This could loosely translate to over 120,000 apps by the end of January when they are expected to launch the first Blackberry 10 smartphones.

This could be potentially huge, considering applications availability or lack of them thereof make or break mobile ecosystems as is common perception in the mobiles world. The high spike in apps submissions is as a result of the announcement done in one of Blackberry Jam 2012s where RIM promised that every dev will be guaranteed $10,000 in revenues for the year 2013 and that RIM will write a cheque of the remainder if a developer doesn’t reach the threshold. Also recently, RIM promised devs a $100 token for every app approved in the store for Blackberry 10. RIM made it easy earlier when they made it easy to port Android apps to Blackberry 10.

Blackberry devs got more than the money incentives, they also got dev Alphas, the Alpha A and Alpha B and a promise to get a Blackberry playbook for the first devs to submit two to five apps and get them approved. This motivation for developers could just make the gesture based OS a paradise at launch with very good user experience. Now what Blackberry needs to work on is getting as many apps that help solve common problems like Nokia does and not just a haven of nice to look and play with apps but essential ones as well. Do you think Blackberry 10 stands a chance to regain lost ground? Hit us up in the comments.