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Blackberry 10

Language Barrier to prevent Blackberry from selling devices in Japan

Blackberry could as well stay away from Japan as a market if a report by Nikkei is correct. Nikkei says that the costs of...
Blackberry Z10

Analyst: Blackberry 10 devices selling fast in UK

It's now three days since Blackberry 10 devices the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 were made available in UK after launch. There was naturally...
Blackberry 10

RIM could have over 100k BB 10 apps on their store at launch

Two days since RIM started approving Blackberry 10 apps, they are reporting that they already got 15,000 apps submitted. In the first 38 hours,...
Samsung, Apple

Samsung smartphone sales poised to spike in 2013

Samsung must have very happy shareholders with all these good predictions by research firms and good acceptance in the market. Almost everything seems to...

RIM takes Goal.com as official Marketing Partner, Africa and Middle East

Goal.com, the dedicated football website running under the company PERFORM signed Research in Motion to promote company products across Goal.com web and mobile sites...
Bada vs Windows phone

Bada OS did better than Windows phone in Q3 sales- Gartner

This third quarter Gartner Report on Mobile phones has a story it's telling on how the market-share is like. And quite noticeable is the scale that...
Blackberry Jam Nairobi

Coming Soon! Blackberry Jam Session Kenya

Blackberry 10 will be launching in January next year, the applications ecosystem maketh the smartphone. Kenyan devs have the chance to be there when...
RIM Blackberry

Blackberry suffers service disruption in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Blackberry sells mainly for RIM's prowess in handling email, Blackberry messenger and social. These make the device quite suitable for use as an extension...
Blackberry 10

A Blackberry phone made by Samsung or Sony anyone?

RIM is considering a move to license the Blackberry 10 OS to other device manufacturers. RIM CEO Thorstein Heins said that RIM is not...
RIM Blackberry

RIM said to lay off 3000 more on august 13th

Still on a cost cutting mission, RIM is said to be in plans to cut 3000 more jobs off the existing labour-force. The impact will...
BlackBerry Colt QNX

Colt to be the first QNX Blackberry phone

An exclusive story by Boy Genius Report says they have information that Blackberry has something even more huge than the recently announced Blackberry 7...

RIM aquires tungle.me

In a newsletter message yesterday, Tungle team of brand name Tungle.me announced that the company has been aquired by RIM (Research in motion), the...