Colt to be the first QNX Blackberry phone

BlackBerry Colt QNX

An exclusive story by Boy Genius Report says they have information that Blackberry has something even more huge than the recently announced Blackberry 7 phones. And this is a QNX operating system based Blackberry Colt. The Colt will launch on a single core processor, since Blackberry has maintained low processing and low graphics to maintain its stance as a product that has a long battery life.

BlackBerry Colt QNX

Seems they are going to compromise that as the future QNX devices will have dual core processors.The Blackberry Colt is primed for release in Q1 of 2012, but thats not fixed.

Rim is said to be  working on a QNX-specific BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but that the first QNX smartphone will launch without support for current BES versions. And something surprising is that the phone will support Microsoft ActiveSync  for those who will want to use Microsoft Exchange email.