Samsung publishes video showing Galaxy Note II multitasking

Galaxy Note II Multitasking

Galaxy Note II MultitaskingThe Samsung’s galaxy Note II is a powerful device capable of doing quite many things that peers in the mobile industry cannot. Top among them is multitasking including within calls. Now Samsung has just published a video showing how you can put this to use. The video shows a lady in a club, a place where there is much noise naturally.

In such situations you would disconnect the call and try typing a message. Well, with the Galaxy Note II you just pop up the S Pen and draft a message, including a drawing like the lady does  and you get to even visualize things you wouldn’t in a text, thereby enhancing your communication. The lady goes on to take a low light photo inside the club to give a complete visual of the fun that’s in the building.

Then sends this over to the friends, there’s quite many options to send this. Another feature demo-ed is the use of photo note, where you can invert the photo like a real one and write on the back. The lady also shows the use of air-view, where she didn’t need to open and scroll through a photo album. Last but not least is the photo editor, with this one you can play around with your photos. Editing options include filters and those nice instagram things like frames and scenes.


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