Blackberry Z10 spotted in a Nairobi mall

Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10Backberry Z10 was launched late last month on the 30th of January. And was to be available the next day in the UK. Canada and other markets got it abit later. The US will be getting that in March. It has not been clear when exactly the rest of the markets will be getting their share. A keen eye @wiselar spotted one in a shop at Yaya centre in Kilimani, Nairobi and didn’t hesitate tweeting it. He wasn’t keen enough to check what the price is at the shop although on call he said he will be checking tomorrow to see the price. One @juuchini says the retail price is around Kshs 90,000 ($1000).

Which leaves me wondering, would the desire to own something that others don’t have make one spend $1000 on a device that will surely go down in price once Blackberry through carriers and retailers make it available officially? Would you buy one?


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