Is This Jumia Trying Too Hard To Clear Blackberry Z10 Stock?

Jumia Blackberry

Blackberry, as many of you will agree has been on a low ever since the world discovered that the platform and company is now behind others in technology. The iPhone and Android were directly responsible here, starting with the iPhone. Now this is not about the journey here, but what’s happening while we are here. Blackberry is not keen on giving up and sometime back hired a new CEO John Chen who has this great vision of revival of the one time leader in smartphone world. That includes releasing devices like the blocky Passport.

Now the current products selling from Blackberry include devices from the older OS platforms, you know, Blackberry OS 7 and earlier, then there are devices running Blackberry OS 10 like the Blackberry Z10, Blackberry Q10, Blackberry Q5, Blackberry Z30 and Blackberry Z3. These are not doing exactly well and this is where I’m coming from. The Blackberry Z10 launched at a price of Kshs 60,000 in Kenya while the Q10 even higher at Kshs 70,000Jumia Blackberry


Over a year later, Blackberry has not released so many devices on Blackberry OS 10, actually it’s three devices, the Z30, Z3 and Passport. So effectively the two, Z10 and Q10 still count among flagships. The price is what will interest you. I have been watching Jumia for sometime now and what has come out is that they really want to clear the stock very bad. That or they are getting these devices free. Or what explains a 68% price cut, from Kshs 72,000 to Kshs 23,000? Also for some time now the device has been quite advertised on Facebook, and there is always ten pieces of the device remaining.

Why won’t people see this as a serious deal? Someone help me understand.


  1. Well I think you answered yourself at the beginning, people have realised that it’s way behind technology & that includes Kenyans. & their marketing strategy is dumb, if the Z30 started at that price when it was released it would have sold by the millions, but they still gamble on the probability that their fan base is still intact.

    • Blackberry’s is a case of reinventing quite slow and the rivals working towards being better at what Blackberry was famous for in the first place, the smartphone. They then went ahead and dropped BIS which was a selling point in markets where data is expensive.

  2. JUMIA Kenya are good negotiators who buy products in large quantities and are in strong partnerships with the big manufacturers, name them, samsung, Asus, X-touch, Hotpoint, The are just on top of their game !

    • Robinson,
      How does being good negotiators reconcile with a 68% price cut? Other vendors still have the prices high. I have been in the industry for quite long and there is nowhere vendors get such overheads to cut prices like that on. Also, your statement goes to explain nothing on whether the stock is actually moving.

  3. That there is dead stock. I think Jumia Kenya is trying to cut their losses early by getting rid of some of their carrying costs. I still cant believe that price drop and i am pretty sure that despite the ‘shrewd negotiation skills’ they aren’t close to breaking even at that price.

    • It’s hard not to look at it that way, Kevin. Everything is out here. This offer has been ongoing for quite sometime. Jumia must be “getting quite a deal from their negotiations”.

      • I bought myself this Z10 from Jumia about a week ago. It is a fantastic bit of kit for that price. I still can’t believe what a steal it was!

  4. Martin, actually The Black Berry (s) are doing so well on they have ran out of stock if you remember the BB Z10 was at 20,499 on jumia that’s when there was stock now its at 22, 999 on pre-order basis meaning they are sourcing directly from the suppliers and as I refereed to you JUMIA Kenya are very good negotiators who get into very strong partnerships for the best prices however you look at it. JUMIA is also offering other great products at unbeatable prices check them out

    • Robinson, you don’t put a point across better by commenting as three separate people, remember I am admin here. You could have tried to be more clever and at least used a separate IP. Now that said, how does a pre-order have a fixed number of pieces available? Doesn’t make sense. Pre-order doesn’t also come accompanied by words like “In Stock” unless you’re using a different dictionary.

  5. I have bought several products at very discounted prices, Like I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 at 47,000 the same going for 69,000 on safaricom, I dont care where jumia gets their products, all i care about is that they have warrranties and can be returned at anytime. I think is all about how you do your business

  6. JUMIA Kenya is indeed Africa’s amazon, I think they have great products at unbeatable prices as Robinson says. I have made several purchases and have had deliveries right on my door step. I live jumia

  7. Yes me too have bought many stuff on jumia, they really have great deals, I bought my blackberry z30 at 38k,great price comparing with other local stores. Who cares how they get there products as long as they’re genuine and have warranty. I tell you blackberry z30 it’s a super great phone, it made me give away my Samsung galaxy s4.I can’t wait for a square blackberry passport.

  8. Has anyone had an issue with blackberry Z10 bought from Jumia? Well I have and yes my warranty was still active but I have never gotten the phone repaired or any other phone to replace the ruined one. My question is if it is under warranty and suddenly just shuts down and it’s taken back to Jumia what is next? do they give another phone or do i wait for it to be fixed. Its been months now. I need help to get my phone back or money back.. 🙁

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