Ubuntu for tablets to be announced later today

ubuntu tablet

Seems 2013 is time for everything, ranging from Tizen smartphones, Firefox OS smartphones, Ubuntu OS smartphones, Apple and Samsung smart watches, flexible displays, see through smartphones, HP Android tablets et al. Well today we will see the announcement of  Ubuntu for Tablet OS. There is even a timer, as at the time I wrote this, there was some 11 hours and 35 minutes remaining till the announcemt by the timer on the Ubuntu homepage.

There is nothing much in the public domain regarding Ubuntu for Tablet OS, maybe it really isn’t something to look forward to as we have Android which is a fork of Linux, Ubuntu is indeed Linux. But you never know, Ubuntu for smartphone OS looked quite promising and the few demos I have seen of it look well, good. Save for being an extension of Unity desktop. Maybe it’s time for more gesture UI Operating systems don’t you think?

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