New York it is for Galaxy S IV, J.K Shin confirms

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IVPreviously we already knew that Samsung had confirmed the date for the Galaxy S IV launch as 14th March, two weeks after MWC, but we weren’t sure of the New York venue. No-one had come yet to claim the venue. Reuters reports that Samsung’s head for the mobile division, just like previously with the date, has confirmed New York as the venue for the next Samsung Unpacked.

This he attributes to the requests from Mobile carriers in the US to to the global unveil in the US. It is well known that is the launch happens there then it will mean the Americans get it first and within weeks. It could possible be in an even shorter time frame. demand for the Galaxy device has surged in the US which was a predominantly Apple turf.

A launch in the country for a first time may turn tables on Apple which is rumoured to launch an iPhone 5s at around mid this year to cater for that gap when Samsung takes all the mid-year sales before the 3rd quarter launch they do yearly.