Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue Images and scanty specs leak

Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue

Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue

Huawei MediaPad range is mainly a media consumption device, even judging by the tablet name. Images and a few specifications have appeared online for the yet to be announced Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue. The specs show that this was a device test for DLNA certification.

The Vogue, according to leaks show that it will be running a choice of two processors, ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core 1.2 GHz CPU and ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core 1.5 GHz CPU on the 7 inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. It is also said to have three sub-models the S7-601u, S7-602u and S7-601w. How different these are would be we are yet to find out and as soon as we do, you will be the first ones to know.

The device shows to be a Wi-Fi device but there is no ruling out 3G/4G options from Huawei who are big on Networks infrastructure for Telcos. Other details include HDMI out, Media Player support with Mobile Digital Media Player, Mobile Digital Media Server, Mobile Digital Media Controller and Download Support. It shows on the leaks that this certification was done on the 22nd of February, so keep your eyes and ears trained.

Source: EVLeaks