6 Steps you need to take to Protect Your PC

PC Protection

PC ProtectionIf you want to make sure that your computer is safe, you need to make sure that you’ve got a great antivirus program. Here’s what you look for when your goal is to install the best.

1. Do not use any program that presents itself via an unsolicited pop up ad. These ads are often viruses themselves, popping up in your browser and trying to trick you into downloading them. Always choose a virus protection program that you need to seek out (not the other way around).

2. Find a program that is built to work with and be compatible with your operating system. Not every program is universal. When choosing, also ensure that the program is compatible with the most recent update to your system. For example, a protection program that works with Windows 7 might not work with Windows 8 or the most recent updates in either.

3. Do you want to pay for your program? The paid programs usually offer a little bit more in the way of support, but the cost is rarely cheap. There are lots of free programs out there too but you’ll have to deal with advertisements. Some programs will allow you to start with a free trial or go with a less feature-rich version of the program for less money or even no cost at all.

4. How much space do you have available on your hard drive and processor to accommodate a program? Virus protection programs are notorious for taking up lots of space on your computer. The last thing you need is for your virus protection to render your computer all but useless in its attempt to protect you!

5. What do you want the program to do? Do you want it only to focus on viruses? Or do you want it to protect you against spyware and other malware issues as well? Many programs now offer a bundled feature that will protect you against everything (or as many things as you want). Going with one program instead of several can help you save space on your computer, reserve resources and save money.

6. What kind of special features do you want and need? Do you want email protection? Do you want real time protection? Do you want it to scan on a schedule? These are things to figure out before you start doing your research because it helps you narrow your choices.

These are six things that will help you choose the best possible virus protection for your computer. From here it’s simply a matter of fine tuning and reading reviews. Good luck!