Georgia Student Breaks Into Home to use Facebook


CBS Atlanta this week reported that an 18-year-old girl broke into a home located in Athens, Georgia to use the internet. The girl was discovered browsing her Facebook page on the home-owner’s laptop. After she was busted, the intruder was so quick in leaving that she forgot to log off from her account.

From her profile page, the police found out that she was a student at the University of Georgia. Other details were included on the page to help the police track her down, the student’s photos and her mobile phone number. A chatlog on the Facebook page showed a conversation where student invited a friend to the home, supplying the physical address.

There are similar incidences where Facebook helped in catching culprits. Two men after in Columbia robbing an Internet cafe neglected to log out of their Facebook sessions before committing the robbery in May 2012. July 2012, a man violated the conditions of his probation after leaving the state of Oregon, he went ahead to post his location on Facebook leading the police right to him.

Photo Courtesy of Social Times