Review of the Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Label Printer


LW 400 Label Printer

This fancy little printer truly does live up to the “Take the ordinary to extraordinary” mantra it proposes. Label printing can be a very messy affair if you do not have the right gadget for doing so. It comes with a wide variety of fonts, font sizes, borders and symbols. In fact the sheer number of options available for printing can be a bit overwhelming.Epson LW-400


It is actually surprising that so many features can be packed into such a small printer. Being able to choose from 14 different font types, 10 styles, 5 font sizes and even several specialty print types can help in truly making amazing and extraordinary labels. You can print 8 different types of barcodes use more than 300 symbols and choose from more than 75 built-in frames. It supports 7 languages. For both office and home use, there seems to be no limit at all to the kind of labels you can print.

The LW-400 has a full qwerty keyboard and a variety of function keys. Pressing the  large button on the side cuts the label neatly after printing.Epson LW-400 labels

Pros and Cons

I think the fact that the printer can run using 6 AA batteries (though you still have the option of using the AC power cord it comes with) is one of the biggest advantages of this printer. The This allows the user to take full advantage of its mobility given its small size. It also prints very fast and very quietly. It is also a very good thing that you can store upto 50 different custom label designs. The backlit display on the keyboard makes it easy to use even in low light conditions. The price is also low.

Though the size is an advantage, it can sometimes be a drawback. The menu driven keyboard functions make it so difficult to set up and perform what seem to be simple design functions. I think a WYSIWYG display would have been more helpful especially when there are so many font options available. It looks like you have to print the label to confirm if you have made a mistake. This can lead to quite a bit of tape wastage before getting it right.