Is this the Hero Nokia device mentioned by Stephen Elop?

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

There has been so much conversation about Nokia’s next device with both speculation and rumours rife. Quite recently, Nokia Boss threw away an iPhone at an interview with a Finnish Journalist who kept pestering him to comment on the rumour that is Lumia 928. Then he said he wouldn’t comment on an unreleased device, but this has popped up again after he hinted of a device coming within this second quarter to a US operator that will be a Hero device with the said operator. This was on Thursday at the Nokia financial results announcement.

Now it has been a guess of many that the said hero is Lumia 928 on Verizon, specs are not well known yet but we can almost certainly say it is following this leak by EVleaks earlier today. But there is also another rumour simmering of a lighter, thinner aluminium Nokia code-named Catwalk, which blends in quite well as high end Lumia devices have been a heavy thick lot and if this is true then the runway model, Nokia Catwalk will meow it’s way to thin fashion. Or what do you think?

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