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Stephen Elop Exits as Nadella Reorganizes Microsoft

Remember the guy that wrote the infamous "burning platform" memo that marked the start of then powerhouse Nokia's alliance with Microsoft before the latter...
Stephen Elop AMA

Elop Hints At Dropping Nokia Name For Lumia Windows Phone

Still on the AMA (Ask Me Anything), Stephen Elop answered quite a number of questions and one of them naturally was about the Nokia...
Nokia X

Nokia X Range in Plans for Nokia To Connect The Next Billion To Microsoft Services – Elop

After the Nokia acquisition by Microsoft, there are numerous questions that both investors and consumers are bound to have in mind. For example branding...
Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella makes key changes to Microsoft’s leadership structure

Microsoft underwent a serious re-organization last year and with a new CEO taking over several months later, key changes in the company's leadership structure...
Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella to be Microsoft’s New CEO?

  Satya Nadella comes out strongly as the favourite to replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO. Steve announced he would be leaving Microsoft soon and...

Nokia Investors Get Impatient, Revolt Against CEO

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, came under heavy fire on Tuesday when investors expressed their discontent with his attempts at catching up with smartphone leaders,...
Nokia Lumia 928

Lumia 928 shows up on Nokia Website with ‘Hero Device” naming

Remember Nokia Boss Stephen Elop mentioning that a Hero device is coming within the second quarter that will disrupt the mobile world? Well the...
Nokia Lumia 928

Is this the Hero Nokia device mentioned by Stephen Elop?

There has been so much conversation about Nokia's next device with both speculation and rumours rife. Quite recently, Nokia Boss threw away an iPhone...
Nokia CEO Elop throws iPhone

How to get a free Lumia: Interview Nokia Boss Elop and pop out your iPhone

Nokia CEO during an interview must have been so pissed by the journalist who kept pestering him on whether the rumoured Lumia 928 was...
Stephen Elop Lumia 720

Nokia Boss, Stephen Elop tweets Lumias 710 and 510 as the devices just announced

These things happen to the best of us. Stephen Elop tweeted the announcement of the four devices that Nokia announced today at Mobile World...
Nokia Bing maps branding

Nokia to Brand Bing maps regardless of device in use

In an exclusive interview with Pocket-lint.com, Nokia CEO boss said that there was an agreement with Microsoft to barter bets. The interview according to...
microsoft nokia partnership

My take on the Nokia Microsoft partnership

I had written this initially as a comment on Alkags post about Nokia Partnership with Microsoft but noticed my comment was way too long...

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