How to get a free Lumia: Interview Nokia Boss Elop and pop out your iPhone

Nokia CEO Elop throws iPhone

Nokia CEO Elop throws iPhoneNokia CEO during an interview must have been so pissed by the journalist who kept pestering him on whether the rumoured Lumia 928 was coming that he took his frustrations off on a hapless iPhone. This was an interview by Finnish TV host Hjallis Harkimo. Harkimo asked him over and over about the Lumia 928 and Elop would in turn deviate the conversation.

He reached a point of saying he wouldn’t answer the question and instead flashed out a Lumia 620 to a rather uninterested Harkimo, telling him that Lumia 620 was making the first impression in Finnish soil at his show. Harkimo in return flashed out an iPhone and Steve responded by saying “Oh, how embarrassing”, before asking that he takes care of it and throwing it away.

Harkimo mentioned then that he didn’t want to use an iPhone and that he wanted a Lumia. Stephen Elop  without hesitation said that he would be getting him one. See video below:

via WMPoweruser


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