Microsoft Closing Down Regional Lumia Social Media Accounts


After announcing that it was scaling back its mobile device efforts and effectively putting a big question mark on the future of its Lumia devices, Microsoft has been slowly taking the next step.

In April, those next steps involved the closure of the @LumiaVoices community account on Twitter.

Today, that is expanding to include regional Lumia social media accounts. For instance, the Lumia East Africa Twitter account has already alerted its followers that it won’t be operating anymore. Followers are being advised to move to the global @Lumia account and Microsoft’s own regional and global accounts.


A statement by Microsoft says that “Microsoft Lumia are simply merging their accounts so that everything can sit under one, unified, global page.”

First, it was the Lumia Conversations blog now it’s the regional social media pages. It’s the end of the road, dear Lumia users.

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