Lumia 928 shows up on Nokia Website with ‘Hero Device” naming

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

Remember Nokia Boss Stephen Elop mentioning that a Hero device is coming within the second quarter that will disrupt the mobile world? Well the “Hero Device” is almost here with us. Nokia now has a microsite with this image as the only thing revealed about the device. Engadget also captured a shot where it showed up on Vanity Magazine print with the same info.

There is minimal messaging accompanying the device which appears to be held by a hand taking a photo of a familty at the sea in low light. The sided reveal what could as well be aluminium casing and the device does indeed look big and premium. Messaging on the web image is

“Capture the Highlights: Stay tuned for updates about the newest Nokia Lumia”

Then there is the other one on Vanity Magazine that reads:

“EVEN IN LOW LIGHT. Nokia exclusive PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization and high-end Carl Zeiss lens. Capture and share amazing blur-free photos and videos, under any light conditions.”

Now that it’s no-longer a rumour that Lumia 928 is around, what do you think it will possess?

via: Daily Mobile