The Amazing New Options To Protect And Custom Your Gadgets


People are increasingly becoming more and more concerned about their personal identity and it has expanded from just being focused on the clothing their wear to the devices they carry with them on a daily basis. But, how can we separate our smartphones and other devices from the rest of the pack? How can we stick out and be unique? More importantly, how can we protect these expensive devices in a unique way?

Carbon fiber skins are a new technology that is emerging on the market today. People are turning to this option because of its lightweight design while still offering higher standards of protection with compared to other options. Carbon fiber wrappings are fiber enforced with epoxy material to ensure the strongest bond and reinforcement possible. How many times have you bought a plastic smartphone cover only to drop it once and have it shatter? Exclusive smartphone and iPad 2 skins, such as carbon fiber models, are designed to protect your phone, even if you drop it on the ground.

Now you may be asking yourself “this sounds great,but I bet it’s expensive.” The good news is that the carbon fiber skins are roughly the same price and often can be found much cheaper than the popular skins on the market today. The skins are developed by 3M and are highly reliable and are even used on much larger objects such as automobiles and machine parts.

The best part about the 3M carbon based skins is that they are extremely customizable and versatile in their design. The carbon fibers shine through on the exterior to provide a sleek, stylish, creating a unique look for your smartphone. With other skin options, you run the risk of playing the game of ‘protection versus customization’. Often times you will find a cover or skin that you thoroughly enjoy but it simply doesn’t hold up in the protection department. Or, on the other hand, you find an extremely protective skin for your smartphone but it makes the device look like a brick and lack the design elements you want. With 3M and carbon based skin products, you can get both options and at affordable prices.

Overall, if you are looking for a smartphone cover that’s going to look tough, protect your device, hold up against the wear and tear of daily use, then carbon fiber is the way to go! Protect your devices from whatever the day brings, while also having the best looking smart phone around. Carbon is the new king in the protection department and they’re here to stay. Try a carbon fiber phone skin out today and you will quickly see that it is the best thing that you can do to make your device look great and protect it at the same time.

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