Is Nokia unveiling the full touch new design Asha 501 on 9th May?

Nokia India Event

Nokia India Event

Nokia is holding a media event in New Delhi, India on the 9th of May. They have already sent an invite according to BGR and other bloggers. This is separate from the event that is set for the 14th of May in London where Nokia is expected to unveil a high end Nokia Lumia. The India event, with a tag “Time to shift Gears” is highly expected to be an Asha event. Nokia has previously been rumoured to be working on a new design for Asha including Series 40 upgrade to make it ever more like a smartphone.

Now they already announced the qwerty Asha 210 which was included in the rumours, what is yet to come to the light is the partner, the Nokia Asha 501. Asha 501 is expected to be a full-touch Asha device with a design like that of the Lumia 820 with a slight design difference. This, unline the qwerty counter part, will have a single button on the front and utilize the gesture UI strongly. Let’s wait and see what Nokia has in store.

Source: BGR