Microsoft admits to Windows 8 UX fail, promises changes soon


windows-8-logoIt’s Windows Vista all over again. Microsoft through their Head of marketing and Finance Tami Reller is said to have admitted that Windows 8 failed in impressing. Tami says that Microsoft is preparing to change several key elements within the year according to Financial Times.

Microsoft will be unveiling Windows Blue later this year that is believed to be a fix in UI issues that are believed to have slowed down adoption of Microsoft’s newest OS, Windows 8 that was built to have the same feel across devices.

Windows Vista had the same warm reception and Windows 7 came to overturn that, making it a repeat of 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7 to fix issues users had with Windows Vista that was a heavy resource hog. Microsoft Windows Blue is said to have an option to get back the start button although this will still load the live tiles. The charms might be on their way out or get some way to make them easier to find.


  1. I never liked Windows 8, not one bit. I’m an early adopter of new tech but the moment Win 8 failed to impress me I knew it was doomed. Let them bring what they have to offer next, I’m sure it will be way better and much more likeable.

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