Google’s Blink Drops 8.8 million lines of WebKit Code in One month


Google’s web engine, Blink promised to get rid of unneeded WebKit code when it was first launched. Alex Komoroske, product manager on Chrome’s Open Web Platform notes the team has already dropped 8.8 million lines from Blink’s codebase. 4.5 million of these were scrubbed almost immediately. This has improved the upcoming engine made the engineers more productive according to Komoroske. Already the team has explored new rendering techniques and received code contribution requests from Adobe, Intel and Microsoft.

The team argues that at the current pace, they don’t need to hire more developers since individual developers are much more productive. Several Blink experiments are being tested by Google including Oilpan, which tests putting DOM nodes in a garbage-collected heap; Lazy Block Layout, which examines how the engine can speed up the rendering process for large web applications by focusing on the parts of a site that are actually currently on the screen.