Samsung Releases NX2000 and NX300 Firmware under Open Source License


Samsung NX2000 firmware

Firmware for the Samsung mirrorless cameras, NX2000 and NX300 has been released under the GPL and LGPL licenses. The firmware is contained in two archives hosted on the manufacturer’s open source release center. Anyone can now make their own modifications, fix bugs and add new features to the software.

Samsung recommends Ubuntu 10.04 or greater and GCC tools for ARM processors for those interested in the released firmware. The NX2000 archive requires around 5 GB once unpacked. Its contents include Linux 3.5 source and Webkit browser. The documentation for Samsung specific files are not present but developes may find header files and code in the packages/linux-3.5/arch/arm/mach-drime4 directory.

via Heise