Samsung is exercising caution in their marketing of user memory for devices

Samsung GALAXY S 4

Samsung GALAXY S 4

Recently, Samsung got some sharp criticism from bloggers and media over the little user memory available on the Galaxy S 4 due to many pre-installed software. The since promised a fix to avail more user memory.

Fast forward to May 31 and Samsung launches the Galaxy S 4 mini, and today they launched two other devices, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Galaxy tab 3 8 inch.

One thing is common among the three devices, Samsung has taken steps to confirm in the press material what user memory is available. See below:

Galaxy S 4 Mini : 8GB Internal memory (User Memory approximately 5GB) + microSD (up to 64GB)

Galaxy Tab 3 10 inch: 16/32GB (User Memory approximately 11.0/26.3GB)

Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch: 16/32GB (User Memory approximately 11.26/26.16GB)

Samsung didn’t do this previously and it shows that they have actually taken steps to avail more user memory for future devices. You notice that for the Galaxy Tab series there is not much pre-installed apps, I bet they are available for installation on Samsung Apps Store, so users have the option to bloat the devices themselves.

I think it would be a good measure, though it compromises the out of the box experience for users who wouldn’t otherwise know what to look for and add or where to find it. But for users who wish not to get all these and opt not to gain root access to achieve it, it’s a fete we can even congratulate. Don’t you think so?