41MP Nokia Lumia EOS Image leaked in High resolution Photo

Nokia Lumia Pureview 41MP

Nokia Lumia Pureview 41MP

Just captured this image flying about on the leaks engine. And this is a photo, unlike what was previously being shared on blogs and said to be the 41MP Nokia EOS Showing a different shape of sensor. The most recent one, is actually a photo and not a render. Whether this is actually the finished product of Nokia’s breakthrough for 41 Mp camera sensor into the Windows Phone 8 foray we are yet to find out.

But we don’t dispute that there is actually a physical device looking like this. It’s so real and high resolution to be Photoshop work. That aside, there are several noticeables here, the Lumia 920 shape, the NFC tags and the humongous camera hump. NFC tags go to show that it will indeed have wireless charging, but will require a special shell on top for it to co-ordinate with the wireless charger.

See a close-up photo of the camera, does it look like a magnet to you?

Nokia EOS camera


All Nokia flagship phones from the Lumia 800 to Lumia 925 have the same shape, so this goes to say this is high end. The camera hump, though really ugly, would mean some serious camera power has come into Windows Phone as also exhibited by the large camera sensor. There is an XX Megapixels text although I wonder why that’s the case, one would have naturally expected it to have 41MP included there. But it’s just a leak and not what Nokia brought in.

Source: @Vizileaks


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