Nokia start selling Lumia 925 and intros double tap to unlock

Lumia 925 glace screen

Lumia 925 glace screen

Nokia has announced that their latest flagship device of Windows phone origin will start selling today. Germany is the place the sales begin. The Lumia 925 was announced last month in London and was said to begin selling in June in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and China. The price was to be 469 EUROs ( $613, Kshs 51,000).

It was announced with a lot of focus on the camera sensor for advanced imaging and in the camera software came in bundled software like smart camera app. Interestingly, the Lumia 925 will be the first to have the new feature that is Nokia Glance Screen that will make use of the idle screen to show notifications like time, battery level and the alarm.

Nokia Glance Screen also has night mode that will have reduced glare in the dark. Glance screen feature also allows for Double Tap to unlock from idle mode. SO you won’t need to press the unlock button anymore. I had listed the Lumia 925 specifications here, so we don’t really need to revisit them, do we?