Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 featured in Alaine and Wyre’s Nakupenda pia music video

Wyre video Galaxy Note 10.1

Wyre video Galaxy Note 10.1

Wyre, Kenyan musician this week published a music video on Youtube. Name of the song is Nakupenda Pia, Swahili for “I love you too” featuring Alaine. The video was shot in Jamaica and it’s an impressive piece of work, I couldn’t help but dance to the song as the Jamaican ladies danced to moves that I would say are Wyre’s trade mark. Now this is not about how nice Jamaicans can dance, but about some very cunning product placement on the video.

Wyre is seen with his Samsung Galaxy Note II asking about a certain Alaine from a random wares seller. The wares seller also shows him what I would assume are directions to find Alaine the Swahili singing Jamaican girl. Watch the video below and enjoy for yourself.

[Update] The phone is not a Galaxy Note II but a Galaxy S 4. The colour when viewed on full HD is Black Mist, that’s only available on the Galaxy S 4 currently. The Chrome sides also have the Galaxy S 4 flat shape.


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