Eons later, Office 365 is available for the iPhone

Office 365 for iPhone

Office 365 for iPhone


Looks like Apple finally pulled the right strings or Microsoft saw the light, or both. It will no-longer suck to own an iPhone from now onwards, atleast for the guys in the US as Office 365 is available for the iPhone as from today. It’s available for download on iTunes, so you can dust up those Outlook emails once again iPhone users.

For those with an Office 365 subscription on other devices, you will just need to add another device and download. Devices that will work with this Office version named Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers are iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation running iOS 6 and later.

It will enable users access documents stored in Skydrive, Skydrive Pro or Sharepoint, create and edit documents with support for charts, animations, smartArt Graphics and shapes. You can also edit while offline and sync the edits only when you go online


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