Galaxy Note III To Pack 13 MP Camera, Leaked Photo Confirms


I’m not yet done praising the Galaxy Note II. To date, it is the best smartphone I’ve ever used. It is also the second phone (yeah phablets are phones) I normally recommend to anyone. Of course after the S4. Since the Note II (as per my personal experience and millions of other people worldwide seem to agree with me) was that awesome, it only makes sense to be super excited about its successor: Galaxy Note III.

Photos leaked on the internet today show a resolution of 2322 x 4128 pixels which is what a 13 megapixel camera like the one on the S4 with a display aspect ratio of 16:9 would normally shoot. The EXIF data obtained from the photo names the camera source as a Galaxy Note III. We also get to know that the Note III’s shooter will have a F/2.2 aperture and 31mm lens. This is exactly what you find on the Galaxy S4. I have tested the camera on the S4 and to say it is awesome will be an understatement. There is no shortage of reports, analysis and reviews that point to how good the S4’s camera is on the internet so to know that the Note III will be offering that same level of awesomeness plus more is sure to raise some nerves as we look forward to the new phablet’s unveiling in a few months’ time.

Interestingly, the model number from the EXIF data is the same SM-N900 that leaked previously. The image is even captioned “test” so it could be the result of recklessness on the part of an engineer somewhere in Korea or a well intended leak (which is usually the case).

See the aforementioned image below [scaled down]. View the full image in all its 2322 x 4128 glory here


Here is a screen grab of the EXIF data

FireShot Screen Capture #106 - 'Picasa Web Albums - Seca sam' - picasaweb_google_com_lh_photo_UYnaCVJQhz-pP-VfiMAXhdMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0_full-exif=true