What to expect from Samsung in London on the 20th of June

Samsung galaxy ativ

Samsung galaxy ativ

Samsung has an event in London on the 20th of June, a day after Huawei have had their shine. They did indicate that the products they will be launching will be along the ATIV and Galaxy Line, which can be quite varying considering they have some over 30 phones in the Galaxy category, the Windows phones are on the ATIV category which also has tablets running Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 pro and they recently re-branded their laptop PC line-up to be also ATIV Book.

This means the guess-work could be huge. But there is this one product that is already expected, the Galaxy Camera 2 that is expected to be named Galaxy NX and come riding on the high end, detachable lens and flash Android donning mirror-less point and shoot. This is expected to bring premium imaging to the Galaxy Camera range and lag-less shutter.

Other products to be showcased could be the recently announced Galaxy S 4 variants, the Galaxy S 4 Active, Galaxy S 4 mini and Galaxy S 4 Zoom. We have a few hours to wait and see what Samsung has under it’s sleeve. The event as the teaser above says, will be live-streamed on YouTube.


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