Samsung Galaxy S 4 stability update now rolling out in East Africa

Galaxy S 4 Stability Update

Galaxy S 4 Stability Update

The Galaxy S 4 has been out in the markets for some time now and has hit the tens of millions in sales, but things have not been all smooth for the flagship device of 2013. Samsung Galaxy S 4 came to sharp criticism from bloggers and users about the limited available storage, barely 9 GB out of the total 16 GB internal storage.

Much of this has been taken by the numerous features the Galaxy S 4 comes packed in with. What made it even worse was the part where Android no-longer allows for app installs to microSD from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later. Other things were the camera that has stability problems, the device was on several occasions reported to be overheating by users.

Samsung acknowledged this and offered to push an update that tries to level things up. There has been a 370 MB fix that has already rolled out to several markets in Europe starting with Germany and recently India. As of today I received my update as I was on Wi-Fi. Now I assume this means that the rest of East Africa gets this update at the same time, today I am in Kampala at the on-going Pivot East and seeing that my update has been pushed to me while I roam on MTN Uganda, I believe the rest should be seeing notifications.

The update comes over the air and is a 370 MB. I am yet to check what it fixes, but so far the camera is behaving quite well.

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