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How Data Prices Compare Between Network Operators in East Africa

Using our smartphones to surf the web is one of the basic functions we do everyday. In Africa where the majority are on prepaid...

Microsoft Lit the Spotlight On 21 East African Entrepreneurs To Be Awarded Insiders4Good Fellowships

Microsoft's Insiders4Good program was launched in partnership with Growth africa to support the ideas of promising entrepreneurs to become a reality. This year, they will...
Lumia Amber Update

Nokia Lumia Amber Update coming to East Africa this week

The Amber Update that promises to improve the overall experience for the Lumia user is already rolling out in several markets in the world....
Galaxy S 4 Stability Update

Samsung Galaxy S 4 stability update now rolling out in East Africa

The Galaxy S 4 has been out in the markets for some time now and has hit the tens of millions in sales, but...
Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia intros Windows phone in East Africa, starting with Lumia 510

For those among us who have waited with bated breath for Nokia to finally introduce Windows phone in East Africa, you can now release...
AITEC Africa

AITEC Africa to celebrate 25 years as Africa’s largest ICT Summit

AITEC East Africa ICT Summit is coming to Nairobi Kenya from dates 24th to 25th of October this year. This chapter will be special in...

ESBC bets on East Africa’s growing office-solutions market

The discovery of oil in both Tanzania and Uganda promises economic growth in the East African region. ESBC Limited has noticed the opportunity created...