Winner of the second Nokia Asha 205 Giveaway is….

Nokia Asha 205 Dual-SIM

Nokia Asha 205 Dual-SIM

Thanks for the overwhelming feedback in the give-away, If we had so many Nokia Asha 205s we would give to each and everyone who engaged us. Thanks a lot. But since we have to pick only one, we did just that. And we have a winner!

Leonard Wafula managed to state a convincing case as to why he wishes to get this Nokia Asha 205. Below is his comment.

face book button- it will make it easy for me to access Facebook without going through the browser.

Nokia browser – i will be able to download loads of files from the internet and directly save them on my memory card for reference.

With slam Quick share- transferring of contacts from one phone to another will be easier i will avoid the hustle of writing the contacts down and then transferring them manually to the other phone there fore saving time..

With Instant messaging i will enjoy receiving my Facebook messages just like SMS therefore keeping up to date with friends on social sites

With Nokia hereby ill be able to located most of the roads and building locations in town without asking therefore it will help improve my security..

With the Nokia EA games i Will not get bored when traveling long distance i will enjoy free play/ downloads for most of the games.

With the Dual Sim hot swap ill be guaranteed not to miss any important calls when it comes to changing the Sim cards therefore my business will always be on the go.

Be sure to be on the look-out on Monday as we have two more Nokia Asha 205 devices to give. We will make things easier and easier for the next device giveaway. Just have your bundles ready on Monday and subscribe, follow and visit Techweez often to be there when this happens.

As for Leonard, please get back to us to discuss how you collect your prize.