GIVEAWAY! Win a FREE Nokia Asha 205

Nokia Asha 205

Nokia Asha 205

Let’s make it a little bit easier this time. Last week we asked you to tell us something about the Nokia Asha 205 and Tim Muiru won the Nokia Asha 205. There are three other phones to be won, one each week. We really want you to win, but to do that you have to be nice. I will show you how.

First I will list to you what the Nokia Asha 205 has on board.

Facebook button for instant access

This is probably the first thing you will notice when you look at the Nokia Asha 205, a button on the left of the keypad that has the Facebook Logo on it. This, on clicked takes you straight to Facebook. With Nokia Asha 205 you get instant Facebook access and get socializing within seconds.

Nokia Xpress Browser

This is probably one of the best things that came into Asha phones. The ability to save on data while at the same time ensuring you get a very good experience when surfing the internet. Data access is one quite guarded thing and we love to protect our data bundles. Nokia assists you quite well with the Nokia Xpress Browser by compressing files upto 90% to reduce the amount of data you should have spent drastically.

Quick share via Slam

Nokia Slam allows you to share images, contacts and other files easily just by bringing two phones together.

Instant Messaging

Chat! chat! chat! Many of us associate quite well with chatting, it’s an intimate way of communication where you can avoid the public participating. E-buddy will allow you to chat on the most popular chat platforms; Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook Chat.

Nokia Hereby

Mapping? You lost? Not for long. Just turn on the Nokia Hereby, you will know where you are and easy spots you would use as landmarks such as hotels, bars, e.t.c. You can also use it as a discovery tool when you are in new sides of town and don’t want to ask around. Nokia has the most comprehensive navigation, even in Kenya.

40 Free EA Games free

Oh, before we forget, this offer goes on and on. 40 free games from Electronics Arts, one of the biggest gaming companies that sells their games on mobile phones stores. You get all these free with the Nokia Asha 205.

Dual-SIM Hotswap

Dual SIM comes in quite handy, even more handy is the ability to hot-swap SIM cards without switching off the phone. The SIMs are both dual-standby, so you will receive calls from each in real-time. The second SIM slot is actually on the side to make things easier.

So the easy way to get this phone is just read tell me why you think this phone will be of value to you if you won it. We are closing the entries on Friday and picking the winner on Saturday.


  1. I think the phone will be of value to me especially the express browsier since i need the internet alot to check mails and be connected to the social networks plus the dual sim will give me the advantage of choosing the network to use at different times..

  2. The nokia asha 205 will be of value to me because i will not only add the nokia asha 205 to the list of nokia phones i have owned but also the fact that nokia asha is dual sim and can work with whatsapp. I have been waiting for nokia to have dual sim phones that work with whatsapp and here it is… please give me a chance to win. My father is a geekish person and we nowadays only chat on whatsapp and i own a nokia asha 200, little did i know i can’t install whatsapp on it. 🙁

  3. that phone wil be useful to me because its dual both lines on, for people who use 2 lines like me it wil help and the free games also

  4. face book button- it will make it easy for me to access Facebook without going through the browser.

    Nokia browser – i will be able to download loads of files from the internet and directly save them on my memory card for reference.

    With slam Quick share- transferring of contacts from one phone to another will be easier i will avoid the hustle of writing the contacts down and then transferring them manually to the other phone there fore saving time..

    With Instant messaging i will enjoy receiving my Facebook messages just like SMS therefore keeping up to date with friends on social sites

    With Nokia hereby ill be able to located most of the roads and building locations in town without asking therefore it will help improve my security..

    With the Nokia EA games i Will not get bored when traveling long distance i will enjoy free play/ downloads for most of the games.

    With the Dual Sim hot swap ill be guaranteed not to miss any important calls when it comes to changing the Sim cards therefore my business will always be on the go.

  5. Because this boy just lost his droid,would really love to get this Nokia and give back my current phone to my cousin who’s in school currently(High School)…The features in this look good so TAFADHALI SAIDIA!!

  6. why will this phone be of value to me?

    1.because i use both yu and safaricom and my current phone is single SIM am always removing my battery and setting the time a million times

    2.i love the internet and sharing photos alot but i cannot my current phone tells me “unsupported content” younger siblings like playing games but they cant because laying games takes alot of memory on this phone of mine and at times it even says “not enough memory”EA games i saw that when our neighbour was using their play station its also on this phone??? :p

    4. i am a social person so many times my friends ask me if i have whatsapp? i change the subject because i have never been a permanent user i even had to borrow a friends phone for a day so that i could join and have the whatsapp feeling.

    5.i llove qwerty phones multi-tap makes alot of noise when texting even if you are using prediction texting is just not easy.

    6. i would really love to use the Nokia hereby it sounds exciting… even get lost on purpose just so i can use it

    7. i cant share contacts easily because my phone doesnt have that option so ijust master the number and send it which is pretty hard and taking down the number is just an alternative that is never considered,

  7. If i win Nokia Asha 205, The best value i will get from it is; Dual Sim Hotswap. I have 2 lines and i would love them to be active all the time without me carrying 2 phones at go. This will aide me in being reached at any given time, enjoy different networks of different service provider since am a self emplyed guy. This is the phone for me. The express browser will really aide me in accessing online data in no time just saving me time to do other things.

  8. I admire the fact that you are holding th GIVEAWAY for Nokia Asha 205. i fancy that Nokia Asha has; a facebook button for instant access, a Nokia Xpress Browser, quick share via Slam, instant messaging, Nokia Hereby, 40 Free EA Games free and a Dual-SIM Hotswap
    This is an incredible phone by your description, I love it.

  9. I would give it to my dad who raised us single handedly since mum left in 1996 it would be a perfect birthday gift bcoz he always wants to communicate with us n whenever i tell him about fb he says”my dota the world knows u!!”

  10. As I am unemployed, I cannot move forward from my Nokia 1202, that has a cracked screen. With this I can get an upgrade & the Xpress Browser will help me save on costs as I browse to check my mail & apply for jobs. The 40 Free EA games will also help in keeping my company as I wait to find something. I can use the instant messaging to communicate with friends & the QWERTY keyboard will help in smooth typing. I would genuinely appreciate it fully.

  11. I have a phone “brand withheld” when it takes forever to load twitter , that’s not even the worst of it. When I retweet or reply to a tweet , it takes over 30 seconds to send the retweet or reply. Considering social media is faced paced and I am focused on building a reputation as a social media expert? I think Nokia 205 is the phone for me since it built for social networking and at a affordable price point. What pains me more that the phone i have is only Ksh 400 less than the Nokia 205. . . .

  12. It will be of value to me because i have a theatre group on Facebook and at the touch of a button i will be accessing it, i save most of my work on phone so the data would help, with the acting i travel almost every weekend so when i’m lost i’ll Nokia hereby and the journey tends to be boring so some Fifa and Need for speed Ea games will keep me company and finally i would love my 2 sim cards to be on one phone for

  13. What makes This Phone So cool

    1-Facebook button for instant access(get socializing within seconds.)
    2-Nokia Xpress Browser(get online fast)
    3-Quick share via Slam(allows you to share images, contacts and other files easily just by bringing two phones together)
    3-Instant Messaging(allow you to chat on the most popular chat platforms; Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook Chat)
    7-Nokia Hereby(for comprehensive navigation)
    5-40 Free EA Games free(40 free games from Electronics Arts, one of the biggest gaming companies,Awsome!!)
    6-Dual-SIM Hotswap (recieve calls and texts in real-time)

  14. My oh my!!If I did win the Nokia Asha 205…I would say goodbye to frantic searches in my purse for my other sim card..always a struggle most times…I am that girl who is not so good with her directions and I would say good bye to ‘please pick me up at this tall blue building’ thanks to Nokia Hereby.Plus the Nokia Xpress browser..I really don’t like that ‘your data bundle balance is below…’text message that I get so many times…or maybe I do quite a lot on my phone:)…and that is how the Nokia Asha 205 will be of value to me:)

  15. The Nokia Asha 205 might actually be called that elusive digital generation
    phone with its dedicated Facebook button. As a portrait QWERTY device
    with very affordable price tag it is evidently geared towards teens and
    emerging markets, as it also comes in a single and dual SIM varieties.

    There are a few vibrant colors for the casing (black, cyan, magenta,
    yellow, and white), and the phone runs on Series 40, which Nokia now
    insists to be called a smartphone platform due to the numerous Java apps
    and the like available for it.

    The phone is all-plastic, small and light, though somewhat chubby,
    with a 2.4-inch non-touch display with fairly weak viewing angles, a VGA
    camera, and microSD card support. Connectivity is limited to 2G only,
    but with the new SLAM Bluetooth sharing technology you’d be able to
    quickly share files between devices. The dedicated Facebook button simply
    launches the Facebook app.

    Am impressed that the Nokia 205 supports Javascript 1.8, XHTML, WAP 2.0 ,
    HTML and HTML 4.0 among others.

    One thing you can brag about with the Asha 205 is battery life that
    most smartphones can only dream of. The dual-SIM version of the device
    comes with a stand-by time of 25 days, versus the 37 days of the regular
    variation. Overall nothing fancy but the Facebook button, yet the world
    needs brand-name basic phones, too.

  16. am sure this phone will be of value because of the following reasons

    1st it has got all those incredible features like the applications ,facebook twitter emails and also it has a longlife battery from what i have heard from my pals .

    2nd once i win , i want to give it to my dad as a present for FATHERS DAYS ,i have already wished to give my dad a present even if its a small thing , am sure he will apprecite it

    3rd it will then ease communication with my dad because at times he is always offline because of low battery where he has to take it to fundi for charging with universal

    4th it will be a great owner to Techweez TEAM for making this ease for me

    thank you !

  17. Got two main reasons to why Nokia Asha 205 would be of value to me. First, being a new mom, in the past 2 weeks I have realized one can never be fully equiped with information. As a mom am overly concerned. Google has come in handy and has saved me frequent visits to the doctor. I believe with Nokia Xpress browser… browsing would be much faster and easier. Secondly, i’d love to share my fun moments with friends on facebook. I also have 2 active lines making Dual Sim hot swap a welcome idea and since I have quite a bit of free time and i love chatting, instant messaging is a yes yes. Thank you!

  18. If you gave me this phone first i would be SUPER grateful.
    Second i would be able to call my boyfriend in the evenings without having to go offline because i get two working lines. NOT LOOSING TOUCH is most important to me so having a single sim phone dulls my life. The Facebook button makes this phone all the more attractive i can easily log on and raise up a storm on facebook and continue to keep in touch. my life revolves around my friends so texting is crucial the QWERTY Key pad is very appealing to me, i know all people are insisting on touch screens being uber awesome…call me old school but i like my QWERTY!!!(Plus i have chubby fingers so touch screens stress me!)
    Also key to note, I constantly have my phone on my hand, some would say am attached, so the fact that this phone extremely light makes my life soo much easier…NOW MY FRIENDS CAN STOP SAYING I HAVE HUGE BICEPS coz my current phone is pretty heavy.
    I could write you a book about why this phone would be perfect for me but i hope that asking nicely will do the trick n my current phone has become extremely slow…ad be more than grateful.:):):)

    al be waiting to hear from you. thanx.

  19. See, This Asha range is just a knockout in this market.Why? I like the fact it allows you to have smartphone like features and not draining battery like smartphones do.With one touch you delve into facebook, Nokia express browser its the best inflation buster you could have with compression rates of upto 90%.. Saves you chums!To Nokia’s credit and value to me this is WINNING! Then 40 EA games. That’s an offer and a half now! No more boring days after fire horses of twitter n fb streams become a bit too much. Then dual SIM capability without the cumbersome removing of battery. I have never liked dismantling of covers.This people they had me in mind..that’s for sure.Lastly the design and the blue cover.You’ll stand out! This is real value!

  20. I will give my Mum as a gift bcoz it will be of great help to
    her since she’s self-employed tailor & her phone has been a
    major let down to her customers it loses network or she has to interchange the
    sim to be in touch with customers which at times affects her biz which has lost many contacts in the process, with its dual sim capability plus the Nokia’s Easy Swap it will come handy,VGA camera will help her in capturing the many pattern designs for easy reference as compared to the prior methods of drawing or photocopying the materials. So please help me transform my mum to the Digital era 🙂 Thanks.

  21. I will give my Mum as a gift bcoz it will be of great help to
    her since she’s self-employed tailor & her phone has been a
    major let down to her customers it loses network or she has to interchange the
    sim to be in touch with customers which at times affects her biz which has lost many contacts in the process, with its dual sim capability plus the Nokia’s Easy Swap it will come handy,VGA camera will help her in capturing the many pattern designs for easy reference as compared to the prior methods of drawing or photocopying the materials. So please help me transform my mum to the Digital era 🙂 Thanks.

  22. Nokia has always been an advantage in regards to chatting and online socializing. i can remember like, my beige Nokia 2600c that i had, it waz the best back then (2009), i could chat endlessly with my buddy’s via sms not once had i worried about a empty battery, i could surf the net, download apps and even listen to the FM radio which kept me entertained. It was a life saver bcoz back then few mobiles had internet access or they were expensive but Nokia had made their phones affordable, so i was always at pa with the current trends, i had access to Fb and even emails, my friends always were puzzled how i waz always updated and i could just give them a big grin, so i can say that made me miss popular, what a gr8 feeling it was owning a Nokia product, the class and its style 🙂 Even though the numeric keypad later worn out, i still could remember the letters where they were when chatting, i can say no one culd beat me when it came to typing fast plus not even luking at the keypad!! or is there any challenger here?,i liked hw the Nokia keys were well arranged so i had memorized the letters at my finger tips. even though with years passing by and having the best of Nokia’s series of phones like the E-series, N-series to the current touch and qwerty, i still cherish the old times Nokia products i proudly owned.they neva disappointed in terms of battery life and durability regardless of hw many times they fell. Now with introduction of Asha phones i’ve been more excited and attached to Nokia. Like this Nokia Asha 205, i can type a letter at a time,how easy!, it has support to chatting apps,a dedicated Facebook button,eBuddy Chat, Twitter and support 4 popular email accounts nd i can have as many contacts as i want being a dual sim plus much more!!! i can say my social and chatting life has moved from being a dream to reality.,

  23. The phones dual Sim card feature will enable me to communicate effectively with my preferred network without necessarily having to change Sim cards which is not only annoying but time consuming

    The phone battery has along life thus i don’t have to worry about battery when traveling upcountry

    The fast browser of the phone will enable me to keep in touch with my social life on Facebook,twitter,read my emails and also be able to be currently informed about current news.

    I will also be able to to listen to my favorite radio shows when traveling through by using the phone radio feature.

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