Five reasons why the Nokia 205 is an awesome phone

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

This post is about you, it’s actually a give-away for this phone, and I will not be the one to list the 5 reasons the Nokia Asha 205 is awesome. What you will do is click on the banner ad at the end of this post, it will lead you to a mobile site, so you can always use your mobile phone to do this. This is no limit to the person doing this on web.

There are four features of the phone that have been highlighted by four different colours, blue, orange, pink and green, you could choose to click to see the message behind them or if you already know the features well, you just need to take note of the offer that is highlighted below there and the price of the offer. Here’s where we go to step two.

Come back to this blog post, in the comments section and list the four features you saw there and the offer, list what the offer is about and the price.

Once you are done, tweet this story, add the hashtag #NokiaAsha205 and mention @techweez in your tweet. This last request is not compulsory but it adds to your chances of getting what’s at stake, and this leads me to why I am asking you to do this.

We have a FREE NOKIA ASHA 205 to give out to one of our readers, make that you. We don’t have tough terms and conditions about this, just do the things I requested here and you could be the one getting this phone. We will announce the winner on Saturday, so stay tuned.

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Timz Muiru is the first winner of the Nokia Asha 205. He was quite timely to answer the questions asked and in the correct format. Congratulations Tim! Contact us to collect your prize.


  1. The four features are Facebook, Browser, Social networks, Share button which allow you to see what everyone is saying, to access very quickly on social media, to get online very fast, and to share everything.

    The offer is all about listing the 5 reasons Nokia Asha 205 is awesome
    The price is winning a Free Nokia Asha 205.

  2. features Facebook, browser, social network applications feature, and share feature

    Offer is, get 40 EA games for free valued at Ksh 9000

  3. The 4 features, you can go on facebook, you can browse faster, you can share stuff, and you can have all the social media stuff on one go,
    Am a bit confused, here and yet I want to win isnt this more or less the 2 things, t they look many, but its maybe 2 special things, you have social media buttons (which everybody has these days, so I really dont get how this making the phone special, its like saying my car has an airbag, and then the fast browsing, why would being on facebook be separated from say twitter?
    Please feel free to explain to me this, so that I can tweet it. I really wanted to win. The wording is different, but its the same thing.

  4. Nokia Asha205 features:
    1.See what everyone’s saying ie direct Facebook Button for fb update,chat,post photos etc.
    2.Quick Social Access,ie faster access to social networks eg fb,twitter ebuddy etc.
    3.Get online – fast ie Faster Nokia Express browser 2x faster than most other mobile browsers.
    4.Let’s share everything,ie share with friends on fb,twitter popular email accounts etc.
    The offer is 40 free EA Game for Nokia Asha205.
    The offer is about EA games and the offer cost Ksh9000.

  5. The cool Nokia Asha 205 Dual Has four features as presented which are:-
    1-A button that takes you straight to Facebook. tap out an update, check-in, chat, post a picture or see your friends’ photos. the fastest access to Facebook nd other social media.Also has a dedicated Facebook button, making it perfect for highly social consumers who want the fastest access to their Facebook profile.
    2-Nokia Xpress Browser with web apps navigates the web at fastest speeds and makes it look good too. It’s up to 2x faster and 85% cheaper in saving data bundle usage than most other mobile browsers.
    3-Combined with eBuddy Chat, Twitter and support for popular email accounts such as Gmail, this is designed to ensure that people are neva more than a few clicks away from their social networks.
    4-It has Nokia Nearby: A web app that helps consumers discover points of interest such as restaurants, shopping and ATM’s close to their location.

    SPECIAL FEATURE- FREE EA™ GAMES-are accessible directly from your Asha phone on Nokia Store -u just look for the “EA games gift” icon on the phone’s home screen. Of which the games have to be downloaded individually and within 60 days after opening the “EA games gift” icon on your phone. Once downloaded games are available for the lifetime on the device.
    The combined value of the 40 EA games is KSH 9,000/- only
    How cool nd fancy 4 social fanatics! A must have i tell u, i want! 😉 thumbs up

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