Customer experience; one of the main values Samsung is pushing to consumers

Samsung Brand Shop Galleria

Samsung Brand Shop Galleria

Customer Experience is the main differentiator between Samsung and other brands in the market, that’s the message that the COO Samsung East Africa Robert Ngeru was projecting at the opening of the newest Samsung brand shop in Nairobi. The brand shop which is located at Nairobi’s Galleria Shopping mall will offer customers a chance to experience all of Samsung mobile consumables at the experience zones before making a purchase.

“We are selling a whole product as opposed to our competitors who just sell the box with very little added above the stock Android feel,” said Robert who added that Samsung aims to get up-to 20 the number of brand shops and experience zones within the country. The brand shop at Galleria is currently the 8th brand shop in the country while there are also 20 Samsung in Store (SIS). Robert added that he wants customers and potential customers to go to the experience zones to get their feel of what to expect when they think of a Samsung product.Samsung Customer Experience Zone

Samsung has numerous features and applications that are bundled into the device to make it a different proposition and a superior one at that compared to other Android Smartphones. TouchWiz, Samsung’s UI has evolved with time to being a premium UI that together with bundled in applications give the user features that they need to use in their smartphone and easier ways of doing things. This is the difference that Samsung wants user to come feel at the experience zones.

Samsung Galleria Brand Store discounts
Customers making discount purchases at Galleria Mall Brand Shop

At launch, Samsung rolled out a 10% discount on smartphone sales for all of today Saturday while at the same time, customers who purchased the Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S 4 will get free covers. Samsung which has already sold 20 million of it’s flagship device the Galaxy S 4 is quite optimistic of the market and the brand they have cultivated over the years. Samsung is now a household name with huge growth in the mid range smartphone segment and also taking the lead locally in high end smartphone sales.

Built For Africa

Samsung is increasing it’s investments in research and development both globally and in the region. The electronics giant is investing hugely in making products that are suitable for the market with the knowledge that there are infrastructure set-backs like power connectivity. Products like Solar  Powered laptops, Solar Powered Internet Schools, Solar Powered clinics and others are some of the products that Samsung seeks to introduce to many regions in Africa to impact their consumers positively.

With the research they are conducting they are bringing in products that are more relevant to the consumer in the African continent as opposed to replicating what works in other developed markets with out research to gauge the value it has on the consumers. Robert says that Samsung intends to double the workforce in a year’s time, and this will be in the goal of better delivering working solutions for consumers in East Africa.