We can conclusively say July 11 announcement is Lumia 1020, photos EXIF confirm

Joe Belfiore Windows phone

Joe Belfiore Windows phone

That Lumia 1020 rumour has been going on for the longest time now. Even with phone shots showing up in the web in several colours and getting names like Lumia 1020 and Lumia 909 and the code-name Nokia EOS. But the latest detail is the one that confirms everything. Sample photos posted on Flickr by Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore now confirm that. They show that the images were taken using a Lumia 1020.Lumia 1020 EXIF data

Now Nokia has an event scheduled for the 11 th of July titled “41 million reasons to Zoom in” would naturally be interpreted to mean the 41 mega pixel camera will finally be showing up on Windows phone, nothing to do with sperm count of anyone.

The event will also be in New York within this week so there is not much waiting time before we find out. Keep it here and we will update you as soon as there is something new.

via: The Verge