We have a Winner for the Nokia Asha 205!

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

And as all things must come to an end, the Nokia Asha 205 giveaway has come to an end. Four Nokia Asha 205s were up for grabs from us at Techweez. We are glad you gave us so much humbling attention and participation. You are all our friends. We appreciate your participation, the comments were very great and showed you fun peeps know your way around the Nokia Phone.

We got such amazing feedback in the comments, and while at it making four brand new winners. We hope you do enjoy your new pick, the Nokia Asha 205.

As for today’s winner, Paul Mwago was the guy of the moment. Beyond being correct in his answer, Paul has been quite dedicated in the giveaway all through and was quite correct in his answers, but fate wasn’t on his side as someone always beat him to it in the previous three giveaways, looks like he prayed hard and got this working for him.

Here is his comment from a very well engaged comments section:

Now this is Nokia’s best! – Express Browser. See, With its numerous improvements and
enhancements, Its able to condense data by up to 90% making pages
load three times faster while reducing the data cost to the user – an
important factor when there’s no 3G (and possibly no Wi-Fi either) on
tap. The
updated browser also features a download manager, improved search and it
also enables multitasking while browsing allowing users to quickly
switch to text messages any time.

Many more comments were quite correct and with much insight about the Nokia Xpress browser, the web apps, data compression and web pages re-formatting for mobile, but we had only one winner to award. Thanks again all of you for participating. Paul we will be sending an email on how to collect your prize immediately.


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