Will the Galaxy Note III come with 3GB Ram? Samsung is already mass producing them

Samsung 3GB RAM

Samsung 3GB RAM


Well, Samsung is going to unveil the third Galaxy Note in a few short weeks, and we are expecting them to increase the wow factor as they have done in previous releases. Naturally that’s what we users and critics expect. Now the Galaxy Note III has been associated with 3 GB RAM on announcement, but there has not been production of the said chip previously.

Samsung has announced that they are now mass producing 3 GB RAM chips for smartphones. There are quite enough people with laptops and desktop PCs running 2GB RAM and having a smartphone come running more memory than their main computing devices would make them feel so backward. My laptop is currently doing 4GB, so I am not far from feeling outdated.

What’s even more interesting is that the 3 GB RAM chips being produced are low power Double Data Rate 3 (LPDDR3) meaning this will not be having an extraneous impact on the battery. The wait now on-wards gets interesting as I wouldn’t expect Samsung to start mas producing the chips to keep them in the bank for interest generation.