Going for Glory with NBN Broadband Plans

National Broadband Network

National Broadband Network

It is impossible to deny that the internet is quickly becoming one of the most important tools that we use in our everyday lives. Like many businesses owners, you may be well aware that the need for high speed communications has never been greater. Countries around the world have undertaken sizable projects to accomplish this task, and Australia is no different.

The National Broadband Network is designed to provide all Australian businesses with light-speed broadband access to suit the growing demand for efficient, cost-effective and real-time communications. So, let us take a brief look at what the National Broadband Network is, the changes that will be implemented and how easy it has become to make the switch over.

What is the National Broadband Network?

This nationwide network will transform the way in which individuals and business share information, transmit data and keep in clear contact with others across the nation and around the world. The reason that a national network is necessary is due to the fact that as computing power increases, existing infrastructure must be upgraded to accommodate a heightened demand for fast download speeds and reliable B2B and consumer communications. The National Broadband Network is designed to solve this growing problem.

They aim to provide businesses across the entire country the ability to enjoy broadband; regardless of their location. In fact, it is expected that during the peak transition period, no less than 6,000 homes and businesses a day will become integrated into this system. However, having access to fast internet is one thing. NBN broadband will provide every Australian business with access to this coveted high speed technology. This is key for international communications, streaming data services and real-time monitoring of internal and external operations.

How Can Each Property Enjoy This Unprecedented Access?

NBN broadband estimates that up to 93% of homes and businesses will be able to connect to their network through fibre optic technology. This is primarily due to the fact that many existing cables are already in place while newer ones will be installed whenever the situation may dictate. The remaining 7% will receive either wireless connections or satellite access. Regardless of the communications method, this never before seen level of universal access will have a major effect on the way national and international business communications are performed.

How Can I Connect my Business to the NBN Broadband Network?

As you read this text, the National Broadband Network is already implementing its services in various locations throughout Australia. Thankfully, connecting to NBN broadband could not be simpler or quicker. The first step you should take is to contact your existing internet service provider (ISP) either by phone or via the internet. If you have an outsourced IT department, they may also be able to help. The next step will be for a professional field technician to visit your property and determine which service will prove to be the best suited for your location.

There will be minimal disruption to your business operations and in the rare case that a new path needs to be dug for fibre optic cable, technicians will even take a “before and after” picture of your property to make certain that everything remains in place. Also, never forget that NBN broadband is a wholesale supplier of broadband. You will not be forced to switch from your current ISP or IT services provider and you can still enjoy the multitude of services that you are accustomed to, albeit now at a faster and more reliable speed.

So, it is clear to see that switching to iiNet NBN plan has never made more sense or been as simple as the services provided by other national broadband providers. With universal access to broadband internet, the future for effective and integrated business communications has truly arrived.