Microsoft won’t own the name SkyDrive for long, after infringing on Trademark

Microsoft skydrive

Microsoft skydriveMicrosoft wont be using the name SkyDrive to trade with for their cloud product. This is after a UK court ruled that the Redmond Tech company infringed on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group. The two companies settled today and resolved that Microsoft needed to drop that name, but that BSkyB will allow Microsoft time to continue using the name as they move to a new name.

There are also some settlement that is financial but these details are yet to be divulged according to The Verge. Blackberry faced a similar case and had to drop the Research in Motion that abbreviated to RIM in favour of the longer name Blackberry. Oh, and the name Metro for the UI. Details are scanty, but we will try to reach and find out what other terms Microsoft was given.