Blackberry sets committee to weigh options, now open to Sale

Blackberry Headquarters

Blackberry Headquarters

Blackberry’s journey to recovery is not without hurdles. Some include slow sales that have made the former smartphone giant consider cost cutting as an option to reduce operation costs in the wake of reduced revenues.

A recent IDC report put Blackberry at 2.9% in smartphones Market Share, this is even below fellow struggler Windows phone. Blackberry sold 6.8 million smartphones in within the quarter according to IDC.

Now Reuters reports that Timothy Dattels will chair a committee to be formed that will look at options on the way forward. The options here could include going private, sale of the company, joint ventures ann platform licensing. Blackberry notes that the competition is quite huge and is eating up into the energy the company has left and Blackberry is now considering alternatives.

Blackberry CEO Thorstein Heins will also be part of the committee that that seeks to weigh options as the business model overhaul that saw release of a new Operating System and smartphone designs some 7 months ago.

Android and Apple’s iOS have been quite tough on the devices sales with Android hogging all of 79% smartphones market share. Blackberry was hoping to get back to the big sales with the new OS Blackberry 10 and great designs but it seems this is yet to materialize.


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