Woman shopping for iPhones conned into buying Apples, literally


FacepalmAn Australian woman decided to pay through the nose for two Apples. She had posted an advert in an online forum Gumtree indicating that she needed to purchase two iPhones. The price listed to her for second hand iPhones is quite steep. $AU 1,500. She would have actually paid some $100 less for each to buy a new one, opted to go with the expensive joke.

The exchange happened at a local McDonalds where she handed the money in exchange og a box, she didn’t bother to check the box contents. It’s like she was in a spell. All that money and you don’t bother to check. Remember the phones are second hand here.

The 21 year old Brisbane lady has received her share of criticism in the local forums in Australia as she went on to cry out her woes.

Maybe she meant to keep the doctor away.



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