Nokia Lumia Amber Update coming to East Africa this week

Lumia Amber Update

Lumia Amber Update

The Amber Update that promises to improve the overall experience for the Lumia user is already rolling out in several markets in the world. The East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will be getting their moment this week.

The Lumia Amber update promises these features:

  • FM Radio for all Lumias except Lumia 620
  • Nokia Glance, a feature that came with the Lumia 925 that allows you to preview time and notifications like battery status on an idle screen. For this one the Lumia 520 won’t be getting.
  • Flip to silence for when your phone is in ring tone mode and you waht to shut it as soon as you can.
  • The main update will be felt on the camera. The software will get an upgrade allowing the users download Nokia Smart Camera App, users will also take low light photos, auto-focus improvements and noise filter amont others.

The update notification will pop up starting this week for Lumia users this week so stay on the ready. Also, tell us when you get is and what differences you get.

Source: Mulika Mwizi