Kenyan College Student launches online magazine;

Evelyn Oloo MyHerald

Evelyn Oloo MyHerald

Evelyn Oloo is your average young girl, dreams aspirations and a great future. But she feels she has her future in her hands. And she is going for it. 29th August 2013 is the day the Cambridge Graduate launched her Magazine at a Bloggers’ event in Nairobi, BAKE Experience.

Evelyn, through her company Chances Media thinks there is still a lot of unexploited potential in the media consumption and has her eyes on the 19-35 year old young achiever. The MyHerald Magazine Founder and Editor says she started the magazine in Cambridge University, UK where she was editor with the idea for the reader that is in transition between college and their first job, the 19-35 year olds. Evelyn Oloo My Herald

MyHerald will provide content for the university students, young entrepreneurs with practical information, inspirational stories, success stories and leadership to assist them follow their dreams.Evelyn feels there is no magazine that is effectively covering this niche that she is trying to appeal to.

My Herald Magazine is both a print Magazine and a web magazine, a responsive site that has a rather nice looking UI both on web and mobile. Many print publications in the region have the web version of their media as an information portal and as a second thing to the print. Evelyn says that the web version is where you get better stories and more current news. She adds that she intends to cover the Kenyan market with an aim to go global, hence the move to take a .com domain.
My Herald Magazine
Although several bloggers felt that the Magazine looks and feels feminine based on the print magazine, Evelyn says that it’s unisex with the print version being themed monthly, the web version will have content from several writers hence covering several topics. Evelyn, a Psychology Graduate says she didn’t go to college to get a job but rather to gain knowledge on how she can be an entrepreneur and create jobs, she now has a team in her office situated at Telposta House in Nairobi and believes she can connect well with the young demographic she is part of.


  1. Great stuff! This is actually one of the few “Kenyan” websites that looks professional. They got the UI pretty well, now they need to get good content. They have targeted the 19-35 yr old segment of intelligent, educated young people so i hope they will not sink into giving us stories about illuminati, non-existent octopizzo condoms and uninspiring “socialites”.

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