Growth: Windows Phone Grosses 9 Million Transactions Daily


Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is the de facto third force as far as mobile platforms go and is continuing to show more and more signs of continued growth albeit slowly. The Windows Phone store now processes about 9 million transactions daily (in both app purchases and in-app purchases).

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9 million transactions daily may not be as big as what goes on with the highly profitable Apple App Store or Google Play Store but for a platform that is still in the shadows of the big two, that means a lot. It means a lot both in terms of consumer confidence since it is they that are actually buying the apps and making the ecosystem grow and also for the developers that create the apps. Windows Phone has faced sharp criticism in recent days over the number of applications available on the platform but that is slowly changing with a host of the so-called “big apps” like Instagram planning a Windows Phone release soon.

Things are looking up for Windows Phone after all. The latest figures are important since they’ll serve to entice more and more developers to start developing apps for the platform and for those already hooked to dig a bit dipper confident that there’s something in it after all.