Nokia has 10,000 Android prototypes, hasn’t canceled Android Plans yet

Nokia Android

Nokia Android

Remember this report that Nokia was working on Android smartphones and Microsoft doing the same on Windows Smartphones? That  supposedly happened way before the big announcement of the $7B acquisition of Nokia devices and services segment.

Well a Chinese site has it that this is incidentally not over, at-least on the Nokia side. Research and Development is still going on and Foxconn has developed 10,000 Android Prototypes for Nokia Research in Beijing. Actually it also says that more prototypes are still being developed and the R&D on Android won’t stop until November when shareholders will either approve or reject the Nokia buyout by Microsoft.

The Android project device was codenamed “Mountain View” which was meant to be a plan B if things don’t work out in the Windows business. The device is said to be based on a Qualcomm processor, a Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip. You know Nokia has a relationship with Qualcomm that comes from far.

Nokia only recently caught up with Android in Finland as Samsung had taken hold of the market there, Russia also reports some interesting figures too while India reports that Windows Phone is now the current second force thanks to the low cost Lumia 520, but with a meager 5% market-share as reported by Microsoft PR in India. Globally Nokia is back at position 3 albeit with a slow growth ahead of the struggling Blackberry.



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