Gold Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Real


We recently reported on the $3000+ gold HTC One that is on sale in Russia. Then came the gold coloured (just a colour nothing more) iPhone 5s that has been instant hit with customers the world over to the point of it literally flying off the store shelves the first day it went on sale. Not to be left behind, Samsung has a gold version of its flagship Galaxy S4 too.

gold galaxy s4 techweez

With a simple message [Have you seen the new elegant #GalaxyS4 new #GoldEdition colors? Gold Brown or Gold Pink] on its Facebook page accompanied by a tweet, Samsung Gulf managed to set everything on fire with that announcement. The Galaxy S4 came under much criticism from bloggers for still retaining the plastic design of its predecessor the Galaxy S III and failing to join the likes of HTC One and iPhone 5 in using “premium” materials. The gold version of the S4 should calm some nerves since gold as we know it is a metal and metallic casings are proving to be popular with mobile devices. Take note that gold is not your everyday metal though. It is the most sought after precious metal in the world and the gold Galaxy S4 will obviously be very pricey.

The gold Galaxy S4 is available in two flavours: gold brown and gold pink. It is available in the Middle East for now and there is no word as to whether it will be available in other markets. Just like the gold HTC One was after the Russian oil oligarchs of Eastern Europe, the gold Galaxy S4 is by no mistake available first in the oil rich Gulf. The target market is there.

If you’ve got the money then this is definitely the device to buy. No pricing details are available at the moment.


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