Samsung has Sold 30 Million Galaxy Note IIs, 40 Million Galaxy Notes Sold

Galaxy Note III

Galaxy Note II apps

The Galaxy Note II was surely destined for greater heights. Having wowed everyone last year and proving to the world that Samsung’s huge gamble back in 2011 with a 5 inch plus phablet was really worth it, the Note 3 is expected to carry on with the momentum. The most recent statistic about sales of Samsung’s phablet is it hitting the 38 million mark for units shipped. Not long after, 2 million more phablets have been sold to bring the total figure of all Galaxy Note devices sold to date at 40 million. Of those 40 million, the Galaxy Note II contributed the lion’s share (30 million!).

Such figures mean that the market for large mobile devices that are not outright tablets but a middle ground of phones and tablets are still the most sought after worldwide. It also gives a lot of hope for Samsung’s latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 3 which just a few hours ago went on sale in many global markets and will be unveiled throughout the world in the next few days.


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