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Samsung is Keeping the Galaxy Note Brand Alive

There will be a Galaxy Note 8, afterall.

Unconfirmed Reports Point to July Launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Last year, Samsung broke off with its set tradition of unveiling its Galaxy Note device in early September at IFA in Berlin for a...

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: First Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was officially unveiled back in August and went on sale later that month in a handful of countries. Samsung...

Galaxy Note II in line for some Lollipop goodness

The good old Samsung Galaxy Note II, one of the best smartphones Samsung produced in recent years, is not done yet. According to Samsung...
Samsung headquarters

Started from the bottom: a look at all the Galaxy Note smartphones so far

Have a second look at that title. Back in 2011 when Samsung was unveiling the first Galaxy Note device, it would've been unacceptable. How...
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

What the Galaxy Note 3’s 10 million units sold in just 2 months means

So the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 managed to move 10 million units in just 60 days when other devices launched around the same time...
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 Regional SIM Lock Bypassed, but what is it anyway?

You know what is awesome about Android? No amount of lockdowns by device manufacturers and carriers alike is permanent. At some point it is...

A Social Network for S-Pen Users, PEN.UP

With the Galaxy Note phablets having sold a combined total of 40 million units since the first Galaxy Note device was launched way back...
Galaxy Note III

Samsung has Sold 30 Million Galaxy Note IIs, 40 Million Galaxy Notes Sold

The Galaxy Note II was surely destined for greater heights. Having wowed everyone last year and proving to the world that Samsung’s huge gamble...
Galaxy Note III

Samsung has sold 38 million Galaxy Note devices

Samsung CEO today gave information on how the devices from the Galaxy Note range are performing. And they are impressive! 38 million is the...
Galaxy Note II Amber brown

Samsung added Two more colours for the Galaxy Note II

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note II with two colours, the Ceramic white version and Titanium Grey, it's been 5 months now and Samsung feels it's time...
Samsung Exynos processor

6.3 inch Exynos 5 Octa Galaxy Note III, closer to reality?

Somebody beat Samsung to the race of a 6 inch phablet, that's Huawei with their Ascend Mate. But hey! Who doesn't want to be...

3 million Galaxy Note IIs sold in 37 days

Samsung is still outdoing itself in the smartphone sector, creating paths unchartered previously and making it big in a huge way. The Samsung Galaxy...
Samsung Galaxy Note

5 months later, 5 million Samsung Galaxy Note devices sold

Samsung Galaxy Note has come a long way, from being a new-in-the-market-lets-wait-and-see to a niche pioneer. Its been 5 months since the release of...
Galaxy Note ICS

First Android Ice Cream ROM For Galaxy Note leaks in China

Galaxy Note users can rest easy, atleast there is the first sign that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is coming for your devices, it...
Galaxy Ace

Is 3.5inch as a standard for smartphones getting edged out?

For a while it had been assumed that 3.5 inch is the standard screen size for the smartphone, more-so because of  Apple which was...

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