Started from the bottom: a look at all the Galaxy Note smartphones so far

Samsung headquarters

Have a second look at that title. Back in 2011 when Samsung was unveiling the first Galaxy Note device, it would’ve been unacceptable. How can 5 inch+ devices be regarded as smartphones? In fact it is one of the reasons why that ungodly term ‘phablet’ was coined. Fast forward to today, phablet is accepted as an English word by Oxford English scholars and the Galaxy Note is one if Samsung’s best selling devices year in year out. In fact everyone has rushed to cash in on the big device craze that even the proponents of the “3.5 inch is the best size for a smartphone” are also said to be joining the chase with large display iPhones in a few days. In fact, every flagship smartphone released this year by the big boys like HTC, LG, Huawei, Nokia (well, whatever name you fancy) and Sony is 5 inches or more. So how did Samsung do it?

Samsung has put together a detailed infographic showing its journey from the first generation Galaxuy Note to the device unveiled yesterday in Berlin, Germany. See the Galaxy Note evolve from a pretender to the throne to the owner of the throne for yourself: